Employee Spotlight

Jeanetta Edwards

Employee Spotlight February 2018

Community Pharmacy Care, Inc. has been strengthened by the employees that work here. One of the mainstays of our workforce is Jeanetta Edwards. Jeanetta has been part of the pharmacy longer than any other employee. She started working in 1975 with the then Goodlark Pharmacy located inside the hospital in Dickson. She joined our pharmacy family about 10 years later with the purchase of Goodlark Pharmacy. She has survived numerous pharmacy remodels, pharmacy relocations, and a handful of pharmacists. Patients love walking into a pharmacy and seeing a friendly face, one that genuinely cares about their well-being. Jeanetta is that person. She enters the pharmacy each and every morning with a smile on her face and she leaves each evening with that same bright smile. There is something very special about a person that can make your day better just by being around them, and Jeanetta is that person for so many employees and patients alike. She moved to our Kingston Springs Pharmacy when a position opened up in 2013. When asked what she likes best about working in this company, she says all the friendships the company has brought her the last 42 years.

Jeanetta has been married for 45 years to Noel Edwards and together they have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren. When not on the clock, she loves taking pictures, playing with those grandkids, boating, shopping, and eating out! Her favorite is chicken and dressing with candied yams from Sister’s Restaurant.

Jeanetta’s perfect day would include waking up hearing the ocean waves crashing onto the beach, followed by watching her daughters and grandchildren laughing and playing on the beach. Topping off that perfect day would end with a great seafood meal with the entire family. We know one day we will lose Jeanetta to that perfect retirement with her husband. But until then, we all will cherish every day that we are able to work with, laugh with, and feel better for just having been around her.

Last Updated: 1/29/2018