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EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 Gabapentin will be a Schedule V control substance in Tennessee. A schedule V control prescription expires 6 months from the date written instead of a full year and can only be refilled a maximum of 5 refills. Dickson Apothecary has a policy on controls for no early refills sooner than 2 days before you will be out according to directions on prescription.

**TN Together**
There will new state laws starting July 1, 2018 concerning opioid prescriptions. This could include mandated partial fills and daily limits. For the most up to date changes, please visit

CASA of Dickson County Awards

Thank you David and Martha for your continued service. We're proud of you for receiving the Champions of Children Award by CASA of Dickson County!

 Tennessee Pharmacists Association Winter 2017 Meeting

 The "Shepards and Shelly" at the Tennessee Pharmacist Association Winter Meeting in Nashville. Leslie Shepard is the current TPA President and Shelly is the incoming Registered Pharmacy Technician President for the entire state of Tennessee Pharmacy Association!! I am so proud of those two girls! And they both work at Dickson Apothecary in Dickson, Tennessee!

Last Updated: 6/27/2018